Are there any items you can't handle ?
Basically items are through airport,so we can't handle item what can't through airport.

* Animals and plants.
* Fresh foods.
* Extremely heavy items.
* Big-ticket products. for example,high cashability items,
   items needs insurance.
* Dangerous goods,explosions,arms.
    (under japanese Swords and Firearms Control Law)
* Drugs and medicines.
* And all the rest,items can't pass through the customs.

How much shipping and handling?
Price of the products (Requested date's exchange rate) + Shipping (Trucking company's stated fee) + \10,000
* If price of the all products are over \50,000, Require 10% additional postage.

Do i need to pay custom duty?
Any customs for the items are the responsibility of the customer.

Can I request a specific time?
It's depend on trucking company.

What kind of delivery options do you have?
Basically we'll send your order by air.

How do I pay the bill?
Please check the order details and let me know if it matches what you order shipping. And we obtain confirmation, We send e-mail about online payment's webpage.

What would happen if Item doesn't reach?
We'll send inquiry to trucking company about baggage, And we will be back in touch with you after search and confirm.

What would happen if Item have broken? Our details of shipment work is recording (it's non-disclosure ) .
Our details of shipment work is recording (it's non-disclosure). We pay close attention to handling items safely and reliably. But if items would break for transportation accident, Please inquire at trucking company. We'll search and confirm. If it's our negligent, We send renew same items once again. First, Please contact for trucking company. And please send email about condition of items, Circumstances, Trucking company's responce.

I recieved item,but it's different from my order.
We will send e-mail with photo in advance to prevent mistakes. Please confirm item details and keep in touch with us. If you don't return e-mail that confirm item details, You can't buy items. Sorry, Even though it happens rarely, We do make mistakes on occasion. If that happens, please contact us FIRST.

Can I return item ?
Sorry, We can't refund and accept return item after your payment and shipping.

Can I cancel order?
We'll attach photo to e-mail for confirmination, And then You deciding wherher you buy. So You can cancel before you buy.

Can I use service in my country?
Do you ship the item to my country? Its depend on japan and your country law.

I've send e-mail, But I have't got reply yet.
When you order, Please enter e-mail whats definitely can contact with you. If you have not got reply after 1week from order day, Please order us once again.

I can't see your website pages
We will survey soon.

I want to know progress of my order
Please feel free contact us via e-mail.

I don't know item details what I want.May I ask you a request ?
If you have picture, We will search this somehow. If you haven't photo, Please let we know some information about it. We'll manage it somehow!